We have a tropical climate and temperatures vary between 17 °C at night and 27 °C during the day. The countryside is beautifully green and full of flowers.

Food and health
African food is very healthy, however the rule of "boil it, peel it, fry it or forget it" applies! You can drink the water on our land with an easy mind. It comes from our own wells and is high quality drinking water. We have our own Ugandan cook. She is very good and fulfills many of our wishes! We always eat our meals together in our dining room.

It is helpful to have a small supply of useful medicines. Ask your chemist for advice.

There are mosquitoes in Uganda which can transmit malaria. They are only active at dusk and at night. On the Prayer Mountain we have mosquito nets for the beds, which give optimal protection. Sprays such as Autan, NoBite or Antibrumm are recommendable, and long-armed shirts and long trousers will protect you from bites in the evenings. There are various types of malaria prophylaxis. Ask a doctor who is familiar with tropical medicine.
One prophylactic way of treatment which shows very good results is "Artimesia tea". This purely herbal tea is taken once a day and has no side effects. It makes sense to already buy a pack at home and start drinking it ahead of your coming.
If you do happen to contract malaria, you do not need to worry. We have a clinic which is always available and there are very good doctors in Uganda. The medicine here works quickly and well. It is seldom for an attack to last longer than three days.

Vaccinations against yellow fever is required. Otherwise no special vaccinations are required for Uganda. We recommend vaccinations agains hepatitis A and B, and the 3-fold polio-diphtheria-tetanus vaccination. But please ask your doctor about this before you come.

Health insurance
Doctors’ fees are very low here, but still an overseas health and repatriation cover is strongly recommended. Please make enquiries – many credit cards already include overseas health insurance.

Africans dress in a very orderly way. The women wear skirts and a T-shirt or blouse. The men wear jeans or other trousers and a short-sleeved shirt. You can of course dress in a comfortable way according to what work you are doing. Spaghetti straps and plunging necklines should be avoided. Skirts and trousers should cover the knee.

Currency in Uganda is the Ugandan shilling. It is best to bring cash in Euros or US Dollars (large banknotes), which can be exchanged in the banks. If you bring US dollars, please make sure you bring new banknotes (from 2001 onwards) and no banknotes for less than $50 (the exchange rate is bad for smaller notes!).
Only Visa credit cards are accepted – and mostly only for withdrawing money from a bank. At the moment they can only be used for payment in larger hotels. Travellers’ checks can be exchanged, but they have a much lower rate of exchange than cash! You can live well here for about 50 Euro a month, but you should reckon on more if you are planning to take a lot of souvenirs home.


Internet & Cell Phone
Internet and Cell Phone Connection is available at good prices.

The mains voltage in Uganda has 220V, but the power points are different from those used in Europe. It is helpful to bring a travellers’ adapter, although they can also be bought here fairly cheaply.

On the Prayer Mountain we completely depend on solar power. Therefore we have to live very energy efficient. Don´t bring any electrical equipment that needs much power! The use of it is forbidden.


You will need a visa for Uganda. You can obtain this very easily at the airport in Entebbe before you pick up your luggage. The visa costs 50 US dollars (you should have the appropriate amount in your hand luggage) and is valid for 3 months. Alternatively you can apply for the visa beforehand in your home country. A Visa Applicatioform you can download here (please cklick).

Air tickets
The most important airlines which fly to Uganda (Entebbe airport) from central Europe are: Turkish Airlines, Emirates, KLM, Ethiopian Airlines, Brussels Airlines.
Ticket prices vary (according to airline and departure airport) from between € 400 and € 900.

The Prayer Mountain has beautiful grounds with a lot of vegetation. There are showers with warm water and European toilets. We don´t have a washing machine, but we manage with Omo and bleach…

Daily routine

  • 07:00 am Devotion
  • 07:30 am Breakfast
  • 12:30 pm Lunch
  • 06:30 pm Supper



Further questions
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or wishes. We will be glad to support and help you in your preparations for your stay.