How it all began

The history of the Prayer Mountains begins in Kikondo, a small poor fishing village at the foot of the mountain, located on Lake Victoria. In 2007 Vision for Africa built there the first primary school in the history of the ministry. At the opening of this school, the mountain was discovered, wild, untouched land, feared by the population because there was much witchcraft and shunned because there was no rain.

With the acquisition of the land and the dedication to the living God, the witchcraft disappeared - and the rain came! Still not as much as on Lake Victoria or Jinja, which is just 3.5 KM as the crow flies, but enough so that the land can be cultivated.


Cut off from the public supply network, we try to live as sustainably as possible .

  • Drinking water supply from our own borehole
  • Collection of rainwater
  • Own sanitation
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock

By 2012 a lot of preparatory work had been done, and according to the progress the land was already being used as a Prayer Mountain. In May 2012 Hans -Dieter and Inge Sturz were appointed as head of the Prayer Mountain. They were the first senior staff that would permanently live on the mountain.


From small beginnings, a team of 20 full-time employees has meanwhile been established, supplemented by volunteers and other helpers.